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About Us

Pamtoes -Best Dance Classes in Pune

Founded to offer quality dance education in an atmosphere that positively supports and promotes a genuine classical, contemporary, and modern ballet. We are an Affiliated Performing Arts Academy to RAD (Royal Academy of Dance UK). Pamtoes Dance Academy is one of the top-rated dance studios in the country.

We pride ourselves on the in-depth training and experience of our instructors and professional dancers. We maintain a substantial value on preserving, disseminating, and enriching dance culture to children and adults- starting from the age of 3. At Pamtoes Dance Academy, we have a class for people of all ages. We keep our classes small to foster personalized and focused instruction for every student.

Pamtoes Dance Academy offers the option to participate with our competition teams, community outreach programs, our resident ballet company, and the Academy’s annual performance showcase.

Students at Pamtoes Dance Academy have several opportunities and avenues to perform and perfect their skills throughout the year. We offer students the chance to compete in intercity competitions, complete dance examinations, and perform in showcases. Whether your interest is purely recreational or competitive and performance-based, there is always a class for you.

PamToes teaches the RAD syllabus inclined ballet. Our classes focus on technical mastery of grace, posture, body alignment, flexibility and muscular control. Our classes promote creativity as it helps students to develop their sense of artistry and style.

Each of our Primary classes has a lead instructor and an assistant teacher to support a progressive and fun structure for learning. Take a look through the variety of dance classes available. You can also contact us for more information regarding how to apply, uniform, term dates, timetables, fees, and more.


Pamtoes  Dance Academy/Classes Pune is a RAD (Royal Academy of Dance UK) Affiliated Performing Arts Academy located in Pune, India in a professional studio, dedicated to providing students a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both Classical, Contemporary and Modern Ballet along with a special Flex-Fit program.

Pamtoes Dance Academy/Classes Pune caters to students and adults of all ages starting from 3 years old who are interested in pursuing a comprehensive dance training.

Pamtoes Dance Academy/Classes Pune annually provides various opportunities for students to showcase their talent, which includes our Grand Annual Ballet Showcases with exciting themes like BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2017) & THE NUTCRACKER (2018) and many more.

Students get to be a part of our PAMTOES COMPETITION TEAM which tours around for different intercity competitions where they have a chance to compete in renowned ballet competitions.

Whether your interest is purely recreational or competitive and performance-based, Pamtoes Dance Academy/Classes Pune will have the right program for you.