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baby ballet

Baby Ballet first step of our little dancers


This is an amazingly exciting Baby Ballet class!

Imagine adorable little dancers accompanied by a parent, guardian, or family member having fun through engaging creative movement games, music and rhythm exploration. This type of Baby Ballet class includes the active participation of any family member in the class, along with the little dancer. Our instructor will keep the curriculum at a gradual pace for parents or guardian to support and sustain the little dancer on track.

Our baby ballet class is designed with fun games that will make your little angels giggle. You’ll be amazed at the improvement in coordination, socialisation, and classroom expectations every time the class meets.

If you are looking for a kids/childrens baby ballet class in pune to enrol your 3 & 4 year-old to introduce him/her in these areas you have found your place.


What are the basic ballet steps for kids?

below are some basic ballet dance moves for kids:

How long are average ballet classes?

The normal ballet dance class is 45minutes to 90 minutes.

What are the benefits in learning ballet?

following are the benifits of learning ballet
They learn to observe instructions.
They achieve a sense of self-discipline via learning new positions.
They examine co-ordination, stability and how to manage their bodies in motion.
They are energetic and getting daily exercise.
They come to be cosy performing before groups.

Is ballet easy? If so, why?

Ballet is not at all effortless it takes a lot of dedication, sweat and tears.
However it is all really worth it when you perform,that super satisfaction when you completed a show is the best.
If you are doing ballet, if you like it i endorse you keep following your ardour.

baby ballet