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What is Ballet Dance-Ask away about Ballet Dance?

Do u know about what is ballet dance? or are you Looking For ballet Dance Acadmey In  Pune ,Pamtoes  Ballet Dance Academy/Classes is a RAD (Royal Academy of Dance UK) Affiliated Performing Arts Academy located in Pune, India. Pamtoes Ballet Dance Academy is a professional studio, dedicated to providing students a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both Classical, Contemporary and Modern Ballet along with a special Flex-Fit program.

What is ballet dance?

Ballet Dance originated as a court dance in the 1600s, brought from Italian Republic to France. Over the years, Ballet Dance unfold to several completely different countries and developed slightly differently in several European countries. Ballet Dance is thought for being the inspiration of most dance forms and being a really strict, conventionalised form having tons of rules and set practices.

where can i learn ballet dance in pune?

In Pune Pamtoes Dance Academy/Classes is a RAD (Royal Academy of Dance UK) Affiliated Performing Arts Academy located in Pune, India in a professional studio, dedicated to providing students a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both Classical, Contemporary and Modern Ballet along with a special Flex-Fit program.

Where do classes take place?

Pamtoes Ballet classes take place in local halls and dance studios.

To find out the address and map location of your class, please click on the correct area at the top of this page.

Tell me about fees payable?

Fees are payable on a per term basis. Your child is welcome to join at any point during the term providing there is space. Fees are then calculated on a pro rata basis.

*Please note fees are nonrefundable on completion of a booking form and payment

How long are the classes?

Classes are either 35 or 40 minute long, there is also time built in during the class to ask your teacher any question that you may have.

Each class is kept to a minimum number so that your child receives the individual attention that he/she requires

Can my child do a trial class?

For those few that feel a trial class is necessary, Pamtoes Ballet offer a one week trial pack, this must be asked for at time of enquiry.

This entitles you to 1 class each week over a 2 week consecutive period and is to be paid prior to the start of the first class. Once you’ve decided to start up at Pamtoes Ballet the remaining balance for the term needs to be paid before the 3rd lesson. Your child is welcome to wear something comfortable to move around in, and if they don’t have any ballet shoes yet, then bare feet or soft shoes are fine.

There is limited availability for trial pack spaces in each class, please check before booking. One trial pack per child.

Please email us to ensure there is a Trial Pack position available in your requested class. Email is

Are Pamtoes Ballet classes for boys and girls?

We welcome boys as well as girls.  Ballet is very beneficial for boys, they love the classes and have just as much fun.  Our classes are an excellent way to increase coordination, balance and agility, which can enhance their performance in other sports.

Can my child join mid-term?

Your child is welcome to join at any point during the term providing there is space. Fees are then calculated on a pro rata basis

Do children really benefit from ballet class?

Yes, it a great way for your child’s confidence to thrive.  Ballet is also wonderful for co-ordination and agility. We use fun and imaginative exercises and stories to promote musicality, self discipline and poise. At Pamtoes we encourage children to express themselves and shine

What should my child wear?

For all of our little ballerinas in our Pamtoes Ballet Twinkles, Sparkles, Twirlers & Star classes, they are welcome to wear any ballet outfit in any colour that they like. Ballet shoes are required with sewn elastics and hair should be tied off of their face in a neat ponytail, bun or plait. Boys should wear shorts and t-shirt with ballet shoes.

We sell an array of different tutu dresses, leotards and skirts in our online shop.

Once our dancers move up to one of our graded Tippy Toes Ballet Academy classes they are required to wear a grade appropriate uniform. This instills a sense of discipline, comradery and encourages the children to focus as a class in preperation for taking their exam and moving up to the next level.

Visit our shop to purchase everything your child needs for their class and exam

What happens in a Pamtoes Ballet Class?

At Pamtoes we structure our classes into three exciting sections:

Movement & Fun – The first section of the class combines a warm up with a number of imaginative ballet exercises. This is a wonderful way for your child to express themselves, whilst enjoying the benefits of ballet.

Confidence & Grace – This section of the class will focus on coordination and poise, spinning, stretching, balancing, hoping, jumping, galloping and skipping. We combine movement and musicality to encourage self expression and confidence.

Imagination & Dance – In the last section we will be helping the children explore ballet and movement using their imagination, taking them on an inspiring themed dance adventure at the end of each class.

What is the minimum age to start classes at Pamtoes Academy?

Students as young as age 3 may begin ballet training at Pamtoes Academy. The Children’s Division Ballet is separated into four different age groups:
Baby Ballet – 3 – 4 yrs
Pre Primary – 5 – 6 yrs
Primary – 6 – 7 yrs

The Student’s Division Ballet is from RAD Grade 1 to Grade 8
Grade 1 – 7+ yrs
Grade 2 – 8+ yrs

Baby Ballet students must know how to follow instructions and attend regular class without the presence of their parents or guardians in the dance studio.

What should my student wear to ballet class?

Students at Pamtoes Academy have to wear the official uniform according to their level which is mandatory. They should arrive at the studio in regular street clothes or cover-ups and then change into their leotard. There are restrooms available for changing.

Children’s Division female students:
Pamtoes leotard, salmon color tights and pink ballet shoes.
Hair should be in a neat and tight bun for all classes.

Male students:
White t-shirt with black tights or leggings, white socks and black ballet shoes.

All students:
No jewelry, watches, skirts, leg warmers, sweat pants or baggy shirts are permitted

Where can I purchase the uniform kit?

You can purchase the uniform kit at Pamtoes Academy reception. Please ask the receptionist present to help you with sizes. We have fixed sizes for uniforms. You have to try them out before purchasing.
Ballet tights (stockings) and shoes are also available at the reception.

In the event that we do not have the correct size in stock, there is a maximum wait time of 1 – 3 months.

Is there a changing room?

We have changing rooms or washrooms where students can change.

What is the class duration?

Classes are 60 minutes.

How often are the classes held?

Children’s Division classes are held weekly. Students have to attend twice a week. Each term lasts 13 to 14 weeks and registration is for the entire term.

What happens when the student misses a class? Is there a cover up for missed class?

Each student receives one cover up class per month. The student has to request a cover up class and the Pamtoes Academy admin will provide a suitable date for cover up. The cover up class will be in a different batch of the same level or of a level below. The cover up class may be on a different day than their regular class and with a different teacher and set of kids.
Please note, for younger students who are taking a cover up, we advise parents to take a call whether the student will be comfortable with a cover up class in a different batch that may have a different set of students and teacher.

In the event that a student misses more than one class it will be counted for without any cover up provided for the same.

Cover up classes have to be taken in the same month in which a student misses the class.

Rescheduling a cover up class is not allowed. On assigning a cover up class date and time by the academy, the student has to make it. If they fail to come for the cover up class, the academy cannot assign another cover up.

Why does my student have to also work on flexibility and strength exercises apart from learning ballet?

Ballet is a dance form which requires very flexible and strong bodies. At Pamtoes Academy, each class is built focusing on flexibility and strength exercises in addition to teaching technical ballet steps.

Will my student be allowed to perform in the annual showcase?

Performance is an essential component of dance training. Students in all divisions and levels will have the opportunity to perform in the annual showcase provided they have 90% attendance. A Showcase Information Booklet is provided during the month of June with all commitments listed by Pamtoes Academy which are expected by students and their parents. If the students agree and think they can commit to the requirements, they are free to register for the showcase.
A copy of the 2019 showcase information booklet can be downloaded from the resources tab for your reference.

Can parents observe the class?

Yes! At the end of every term, parents are invited to observe their students class during the Open House Week. Each batch is given a particular day where two family members, usually the parents, can attend the class. During regular classes parents cannot observe their students. Through experience, we have learned that students are more likely to concentrate and participate fully in the class if they are not being observed.

How do I register my student?

Students have to call the academy and schedule a trial class date and time. Each level has a different trial class timings. The admin will help you with a suitable trial class time.
You can call on +91 8806973129.

Students must reach the academy 10 minutes before the trial class. If the student is late, they might not be allowed to take the trial class and it will be rescheduled to a later date as introduction and warm up at the beginning of the class is very important.
The trial class has to be attended by either or both of the student’s parents or guardian to observe the first 30mins after which they will be asked to step out. The student has to finish the remainder of the class alone with other students and the teacher. This is required as the teacher has to observe the student without the parent or guardian in the class. The admin will give the parents thorough information on Pamtoes Academy and explain the fee structure. At the end of the class, the teacher will give parents feedback on her observations on the trial class and decide which level is suitable for the student.
On some occasions, the academy will schedule another trial class if the teacher feel it would be a better fit for the student.

How does a student get placed or advance in their level?

Students of Pamtoes Academy are placed according to their ability as evaluated by the Pamtoes Academy faculty. The faculty decides which level is suitable for the student according to their age and abilities. The placement of students is at the sole discretion of the faculty of the Pamtoes Academy. The Pamtoes Academy reserves the right to change the level in which a student is placed whenever appropriate.

Is it common to repeat a level?

Yes, very. Each student can expect to repeat a level at least once during the course of his or her training at Pamtoes Academy. When a student moves through levels too fast, it can have a detrimental effect on student training and can hinder progress at more advanced levels. Please be advised that even the simplest exercises are challenging when executed with precision. Many students will want to move up earlier than they are ready for it. We take proper level placement very seriously. We encourage parents to be supportive of our professional opinion, as it is in the best interest of the students.

When can a student start dancing on pointe shoes?

RAD Grade 4 female students is the transition level for young dancers where they can begin to take pointe class after their regular syllabus class. At Pamtoes Academy academy, considering placing a student on pointe is a faculty decision which is taken very seriously. In keeping with that responsibility, the Pamtoes Academy strongly advises going through a thorough orthopedic evaluation and approval from a reputed Orthopedic centre. The evaluation measures both flexibility and strength. The final decision to place a student en pointe, based upon the pointe evaluation and classroom observation, rests with Pamtoes Academy faculty. Students who are not able to handle the rigorous nature of pointe training, due to anatomical and technical limitations, will not be placed en pointe. The Faculty must consider each student’s safety and well-being on an individual basis, with regard to anatomical structure, injury prevention, strength, flexibility, and technical ability. The Academy will notify students of the pointe evaluation date and applicable fees once they reach Grade 4 level.

Can my student start teaching ballet at Pamtoes Academy?

Yes! If you are a teenager or older and feel like you want to take up teaching ballet as a career whether part time or full time, please contact our team. Our artistic director has a Pamtoes Teacher Training Course for dancers to help them pursue a career in ballet.

How do I join the Pamtoes Academy competition team?

If a student is showing extraordinary skills and progress in class, our teaching faculty will nominate the student for our competition team auditions. We at Pamtoes Academy have a competition team which practices throughout the year and takes part in national and international competitions. You have to be in Grade 1 or above to audition.

How do I stay informed about what’s happening at Pamtoes Academy?

Most academy information happens via whatsapp and email. Please make sure you have our whatsapp contact number ( Pamtoes Academy – +91 8007363129 ) saved on your phone. Also please update two email IDs – and so you receive mails from these email IDs directly to your inbox.