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Privacy Policy


1. Code of Conduct

2. Student and Parent Commitment

3. Child Protection

4. Health and Safety

5. Your information

1. Code of Conduct

Pamtoes Ballet commitment to Students and Parents.

1.1. Integrity:

Pamtoes Ballet will act in all matters with the utmost integrity allowing students and their families to expect to be treated with honesty, consideration, and respect.

1.2. Competence:

Pamtoes Ballet will operate within the limits of the teachers’ qualifications, experience, and expertise. All classes will be planned to an appropriate level to facilitate the needs of the students providing feedback in a positive and encouraging way to aid development always adhering to the highest possible standards.

1.3. Professionalism:

Pamtoes Ballet will ensure safety is always paramount and the facilities used for practice are adequate to meet the needs of the students.

2 Student and Parents commitment to Pamtoes Ballet

2.1. Respect for Others:

Students and Parents are requested to treat others as they would expect to be treated themselves. Pamtoes Ballet is a happy place for children and all members and their families are requested to invest in that.

2.2. Commitment:

Whilst it is appreciated that absence is sometimes unavoidable students and parents are asked to make every effort to attend and if it really is not possible, please send a courtesy email.

2.3. Appearance:

Students should arrive in suitable attire for ballet e.g. for girls: ballet dress/leotard, tights and ballet shoes with long hair securely tied back in a ponytail or bun. For boys: shorts and a t-shirt and ballet shoes.

2.4. Safety:

Pamtoes Ballet has a Child Protection Policy and a Health and Safety Policy, parents are requested to be aware of these policies in the interest of serving the well-being of the children. Parents are asked to disclose any medical information, allergies or injuries that students may have on the registration form and to provide any amendments to this information if necessary. Parents are also asked to recognize that as with any physical activity there can be a risk of injury and therefore release Pamtoes Ballet and its teachers from any liability.

2.5. Interruptions:

Parents/carers are requested to bring their children ready to start the class on time. It is disruptive to the class when a child is late, and children benefit more and settle into the class when on time.

2.6. Photography and Filming:

a. You grant to Tippy Toes Ballet, the right to take photographs/video of your child whilst participating in dance classes/activities run by Pamtoes.

b.You acknowledge that Pamtoes will use such images/video for promotional purposes across various media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pamotes  website, newsletters (print/online), print collateral etc.

c.You hereby permit Pamtoes  to use said images/video in a lawful manner for the purposes described above.

d.You understand that your consent can be withdrawn at any time upon written notice.

e. Parents/carers are requested not to take any photographs or video of any of the children in Tippy Toes Ballet classes, unless consented to do so.

3. Child Protection

3.1 Pamtoes  aims to provide a happy and safe environment where children can learn to dance.

3.2 Pamtoes  believes children have the right to be safe and secure and free from threat, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, or beliefs.

3.3 Pamtoes will act with integrity, treating children with respect, listening to their concerns and acting upon them.

3.4 Pamtoes  Code of Conduct commitment to Students and Parents will ensure that students will receive professional tuition from a teacher within appropriate facilities following safe practice.

3.5 Pamtoes  will adhere to the following Rules and Guidelines with regards to Photography and Filming:

a. Images of Children posted on will be identified by their first name only.

b. Only images deemed suitable will be used.

c. Anyone with any concerns about images posted on the website/social media can speak to Pamtoes

d. The expectations for parents or spectators who wish to take photographs or film at an event are to avoid inappropriate or intrusive photography. Any child or parent who has concerns regarding inappropriate photography must report their concerns to Tippy Toes Ballet, who will act in the same manner as they would with any other child protection concern.


3.6 Any person teaching for Tippy Toes Ballet will be in receipt of a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB)  disclosure / Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) certificate.

4. Health and Safety

Pamtoes is committed to the Health and Safety for everyone involved in the school.

4.1 The halls/studios that we hire from are responsible for the buildings maintenance, maintenance of safety appliances such as fire extinguishers, electrical safety, maintenance of toilet and kitchen areas, maintenance of heating systems and general cleaning of the facilities.

4.2 While the above responsibilities for risk assessments lie with halls/studios that we hire from,  anyone who has concerns about the safety of the building, or is aware of risk is to report it to Pamtoes Ballet who will then inform the relevant authority.

4.3 Fire exits are prominently displayed within all buildings that Pamtoes Ballet use and all teachers are aware of what action to take in the event of a fire.

4.4 In the case of an accident causing injury, first aid boxes with basic supplies are available, for more serious injuries, dependant on the extent of an injury, professional medical assistance will be requested either by calling the emergency services (999). In all cases, parents will be informed, in the case of minor injuries at the end of class, when professional medical assistance is required they will be informed immediately.

5. Your information

How Information about you will be used:

Pamtoes Ballet Acadamy will keep your information on record and will add it to our student database. This will enable us to send you relevant information based on your inquiry and where required, book you into a class that you have enquired about.

Pamtoes do not share or distribute your information to organizations outside of Pamtoes unless required to do so by law.

You do not have to give any of the details asked for in the forms if you prefer not to, however, it will help us to provide the most relevant information if you do.

All Pamtoes Ballet teachers have public liability insurance.